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SouthRock Vacation Club is not just a business that provides service, we are a family of people that want to give you the best British Columbia, Canada LIFE EXPERIENCE that we can. Our team not only promotes the adventures we have available for you, but we have trained for them and experienced them as. From the front desk receptionist to the Top Boss, we have gone on our own tours and activities to ensure that they are the best they can be for you!


SouthRock Vacation Club has hired the most experienced tour guides available and all of them have a passion to provide a personal, safe and most importantly, memorable experience. Our goal is to make every possible opportunity available to the public so they can have the ultimate choice in living the BC DREAM. With our vast environment of forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, oceans, beaches and so much more, you can do practically anything in British Columbia and Canada.

Our activities happen year round and occur on the mainland and Vancouver Island. Our tours reach from coast to coast and include Yukon trips as well. Whether it is fine dining and art exhibits or the wet and wild white water rafter of Chilliwack or the glacier walks in Alberta, we have you covered.

So in the end, why choose SouthRock Vacation Club for your next life event....because we are what we say, an opportunity for you to live your outdoor and tourism fantasy. With our partner SouthRock Academy, we can train you and certify you in many different courses so you can safely enjoy many activities now and into the future or, under the leadership and protection of our highly experienced, professional staff, we can walk you through pretty much any adventure as you are! All you have to do is contact us now to bring the Canadian Outdoors to you!

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